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Una is the daughter of Mordecai and and Hyacinth. She is the sister of Henry, Isa, and James. She has black hair and looks like her mother, Hyacinth.


In Dandelion Fire, Una was at her mother's house when Henry arrives in Hylfing. She was present at Henry's christening.

In The Chestnut King, Una was carried away in the wagon by the emperor's soldiers with Dotty, Penelope, Isa, Anastasia, and Richard. When the wagon neared the harbor, Fat Frank distracted the soldiers, trying to help them escape. Una got out first, then Anastasia, and Richard. Fat Frank took them to the Horned Horse to eat food and regain their strength. There, Frank received a chestnut commanding him to come to the Chestnut King. Una travels with Frank, Anastasia, Richard, and the king's faeries to his chestnut tree. They remain there until Henry arrives, seeking the faerie king's knowledge and help. Una and the rest go with Henry and a faerie army through a door to the Faerie Queene's palace. The Faerie Queene insists that Una and Anastasia stay with her while Henry and the faeries journey on to Dumarre. Una and Anastasia stay with her until after Henry's victory over the witch-queen, Nimiane.