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Nimiane is the main antagonist of the trilogy. She is the daughter of Nimroth. She has a sister named Nia.


Nimiane is one of the undying, and presumably one of the "loved ones" whom Nimroth gave incubi blood.

Sometime after Nimroth fell, she became the leader of Endor and attempted to conquer the worlds. But Mordecai and his brother stood against her and locked her away in the tomb cities.

Henry and Henrietta later discovered the cupboards and began exploring them. Henrietta opened the eighth cupboard one day against Henry's wishes. Neither of them knew about Nimiane or that the cupboard led directly into her crypt.

Nimiane grabbed Henrietta by the wrist and began dragging her through the cupboard. Henry saved her but was bitten by Nimiane in the process. His potent green man blood gave Nimiane the strength she needed to escape the cupboard, and once free from her crypt, she began gaining more and more power until she could finally begin conquering the worlds again.


Nimiane and Nia both have the ability to alter their physical appearance. Throughout most of the trilogy, Nimiane masquerades as a somewhat short but beautiful woman with black hair, pale eyes, and olive skin. In reality, she is an ugly hag with little hair, no eyes, and many fingernail scratches on her face. Nevertheless, Nimiane uses her false looks and false charm to seduce and manipulate powerful men as part of her scheme of ruling and devouring the world.


The name Nimiane is of Scottish origin. It means "{{ #NewWindowLink: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_of_the_Lake | lady of the lake }}."