Henry York is the main character of the series. He is a Seventh Son but was saved by his father's dog who pushed him out of the Badon Hill cupboard door into Kansas. He then lived in Boston untill his parents went missing. Then he moved to his Aunts place. He gets his second sight in the second book where he is kidnapped by Darius, a immensly powerful wizard, who has kept on looking for a way to Nimiane. Darius tries to make Henry his son but Henry manages to escape. In the end, he is reunited with his true family and destroys the witch-queen with the help of the Blackstar .

Henry is a green man and is connected to dandelions as he is a seventh son.


Adoptive Mom: Ursula

Adoptive Dad: Phil

Aunt: Dorothy Willis

Uncle: Frank Willis

Cousins: Penelope Willis

Henrietta Willis

Anastasia Willis

Biological mom: Hyacinth

Biological Dad: Mordecai

Grandmother: Anastasia

Grandfather: Amram