Henrietta is the cousin of Henry , TOAST the daughter of the sixth son of Amram, Francis. Her mother is Dorothy. She is the second oldest daughter, the oldest being Penelope and the youngest, Anastasia. She goes through the cupboards on many occasions. She caught Henry looking at the cupboards and uncovered them along with him. She has a long time desire of being sucked up by a tornado in the right circumstances.


She appears in all of the books.

In the first book, she uncovered the cupboards along with Henry and chased after Eli Fitzfaeren, which led to her being stuck there as the cupboard closed up behind her. In the end, Henry came to rescue her and they witnessed the hauntings. When they got back, Nimiane, the witch-queen of Endor, had already entered the house and they helped to strike her unconscious. Then Henrietta helped in fishing Nimiane's body into a random cupboard, which actually led to Carnassus.

In the second book, she dug up a key that she had buried with the intention of being able to roam freely through the cupboards when Henry was gone but Henry had known that she had the key. Henry touched what seemed like a everlasting burning dandelion and became blind. henrietta then helped him back to the house and then he was brought to the hospital. Henrietta decided to explore a random cupboard and into a cupboard which was named treb/actium/constant. In the end, she was nearly killed and got covered with grime. When Henry came back, she heard that he and richard were planning to go through the cupboards to find Eli, because Henry thought he would know who his parents were. Henrietta went in to follow them, but in actual fact, they had been kidnapped through the cupboards by a powerful wizard called Darius. She got captured by the philosophers but managed to escape, and together with Eli, started to make their way to Hylfing, Henrietta father's birth place. On the way, they were met by Caleb, Henrietta's uncle and made it to hylfing. She then helped in retrieving the arrow of Ramoth Gilead and Caleb suceeded in killing Darius with it.

In the third book, she almost gets burnt alive by soldiers, but then escapes with the help of Henry and they proceed to Endor to find Mordecai, Henry's father. They spent the night at the Horned Horse and ended up being captured by Nimiane's fingerlings, who brought her to the palace. She then witnessed Henry defeating the witch queen.