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Grandmother Anastasia is the mother of Frank Willis, Caleb, and Mordecai Westmore. She is the grandmother of Henry, Penelope, Henrietta, Little Anastasia, James, Isa, Una, and more that aren't mentioned. She is also the wife of Amram Iothric. She is the one who gave Henry the name Maccabee.


While her son Mordecai was imprisoned by the faeren, Anastasia sent her soul searching for him while she slept. Eventually, she found him. She struggled through to him, but only succeeded after tearing away from her own mind. Everyone thinks she is blind, but when her eyes are shut she can see through her son's eyes.

Grandmother Anastasia first appears in the story at the end of Dandelion Fire, when Henry arrives at his home in Hylfing. She has white hair, is blind, and very old. As mentioned above, she christened Henry with the name Maccabee for, as she says, 'his strength has been hidden away, but it shall become a hammer that burns in the night, both green and gold.'

In The Chestnut King, Grandmother Anastasia was in the house when it started burning. She and Henrietta were left behind by the soldiers. Fortunately, Henry was there and he took them through a cupboard into Kansas. Anastasia stayed with Tilly Johnson, Zeke's mother, while Henry, Henrietta, and Zeke traveled to Endor.