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Fingerlings are featured in the third book of the 100 Cupboards trilogy (the Chestnut King). They are used by Nimiane to take control of the empire and to do her bidding. She uses them to bring Henrietta and Zeke to the palace and to hunt for Henry, Mordecai, and Caleb.

A fingerling is made by dripping a drop of the witch's blood on the back of a person's scalp, and then sticking a severed finger to the blood. In the 100 Cupboards trilogy, ten fingerlings were made using the fingers of Maleger, the emperor's son. His arms were outstretched, and "just after the wrists" his arms grew into the trunks of two trees that stood on either side of him. His feet were buried in the ground. He died shortly after this.

The only known way to kill a fingerling is to slice off the finger sticking out of his head. Knowing this, fingerlings typically tie their hair in a knot around the finger to conceal it and protect it.

Known Victims:

  1. Coradin. he is considered the best of the batch of fingerlings Niniane made at that time.
  2. Croese, a scar-faced mercenary and assasin.
  3. Eight others. they are unknown.

All of them are deceased. Croese was killed by Henry at Mordecai’s burning house. Coradin died by his own hand at the climax of the book in an act of rebellion against Nimiane.