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TheGoldenPatrik1 TheGoldenPatrik1 24 March 2014

Ashtown Burials Wiki

Hey N. D. Wilson fans! Try checking out his new series of books: The Ashtown Burials Series. If you are really excited you can view and expand the Wiki for it!

TheGoldenPatrik1 (talk) 23:21, March 24, 2014 (UTC)

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Hanzillaa Hanzillaa 22 October 2013

The Empire of Bones

My pre-ordered hardcover copy of just arrived in the mail tonight! The cover design looks awesome, and I'm very excited to read it. I've already read the first word!


The first word of the book is "On."


I'll write a review here after I've finished reading it, and hopefully will be able to get back to editing this wiki on a regular basis.

In the meantime, if there's anyone else out there who's an N.D. fan, please contribute here at this wiki! I would be very grateful to have someone else helping me write this encyclopedia! If you're not sure how to contribute, leave me a message on my talk page or a comment on this post. I'll get back to you as soon as I can and help get you started on this wiki.

Thanks! And G…

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Hanzillaa Hanzillaa 6 July 2013

Gone Next Week

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the one and only 100 Cupboards wiki!

If you want to begin working on this encyclopedia but need some help getting started, I will be glad to assist you. You can contact me by leaving a comment on this blog post or a message on my talk page, and on most weeks I should be able to get back to you within two days.

However, I will be away on a mission trip from Sunday June 7 through Friday June 12. So, I won't be able to respond to any comments or messages until I get back.

But if you , you'll be taken to a page on community.wikia.com that has lots of good tutorials that will explain how to work on this wiki.

This particular wiki is meant to be an encyclopedia for everything related to the ' series by . You can read some …

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Hanzillaa Hanzillaa 6 July 2013

A Letter to N.D. Wilson

Dear N.D. Wilson,

There is an 89% chance that you are my favorite author, and a 20% chance of rain today. If I've done the math right, that means there's a 17.8% chance that you are my favorite author and it will rain today.

If you want to be productive with your time, you can skip the first paragraph...except, wait, you probably already read it.

But I guess if I want to be productive with my time, I should just get to the point.

I am writing this letter to you to let you know...

First of all, that you're my favorite author (most likely).

And second, that if you happen to come by this wiki and read this blog post, and you see a factual error in one of the articles, and (between being a husband and a father and an author and everything else that you …

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Hanzillaa Hanzillaa 17 March 2013

Inserting References

Hello, everyone!

It seems that right now I'm the only active member on this wiki. Considering the difficulties of writing an encyclopedia single-handedly as well as the important community aspect of wikis, I'm hoping that, in the near future, older contributors like Jo0229 will return here and also that new members will join this community.

But the main reason I'm writing this post is to give some advice/instruction on references for anyone who's interested in that. Since this is supposed to be a community, I'm also writing this post so that you will know what approach I'm taking for references and can communicate back to me any ideas you have for what approach should be taken. It's crucial, however, that we all follow the same approach. Oth…

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